Sunday, February 15, 2009

Writer @ X1FM studio 02/06/09

Two fridays ago, I made my way down south to National City to see Writer play at the X1FM studio. I am sure you have heard of, but if you haven't, they are an online radio station that has video feed, as well as an online chat room. Also, every Friday they have a session starting at 7pm called Open Door Sessions, they have a local band play for an hour and broadcast it live. It is free for all that want to come down and watch as well. So after a long friday at work, I hit the road and made it down to the back of the studio, where the stage is, just as they started.

It was great to see a lot of friends there and Writer was sounding great. They chopped it up with the internet folk, but I guess that was more of a one way conversation. They had a lot of fun playing it, especially because they have video screens displaying them while their playing (not your usual gig). Even better, was when the light guy had the strobe lights going for a little while, if you know Writer's music, you know that strobe lights is the last thing you'd expect. Strobe lights make every show ROCK! Writer played my favorite song "Lesson Number Four" it's the best sing along of all time.

After Writer finished up, DJ Edgartronic took over the sound waves, and Daye and I had a little dance party. Daye brought it and I can't compete with that. The host of the X1FM Open Door Sessions, Andrew, took me around the studio, it is pretty awesome. It has so many twists and turns, I told him to make it a haunted house for Halloween, we'll see. It was a great Friday night, and we hung around the station til were kindly told that some of the studio guys couldn't leave til we did. Anyways, make sure to check out the Open Door Sessions on Fridays at 7pm. You can watch from your computer at or drive down to 2434 Southport Way ste. A, San Diego, CA 91950. Always Free and All Ages.

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