Friday, February 06, 2009

Show Recap: Motley Crue, Cox Arena, 2/2/09

I didn't attend the Motley Crue show at Cox Arena this past Monday Night, but Andrew of did, and agreed to write a review for your reading pleasure (and with the promise that I'd give him the signed Motley Crue pick guard that I received as a promo item. You can follow Andrew on Twitter @andrewwp.

Every once in a while you get the rare chance to see those bands that ruled the Hollywood Strip in the 80's. But usually it's at a casino lounge, Rock of Love premier party, or a Celebrity Fit Club. It is usually not in an arena that houses about 30,000 people. And it's even more shocking that the house was packed. Such is the case on Monday, February 2nd 2009 at San Diego's Cox Arena, where Motley Crue opened their 29 city Saints of Los Angeles 2009 Tour.

I had been a fan of the Crue for a long time, but in no way was I expecting what I saw considering the average age of Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, and Tommy Lee is 51 years old. But from the moment they hit the stage with that initial flying guitar riff of "Kickstart My Heart" it was nonstop fun throughout the whole night. The 16-song set which featured songs from all their albums pre 90's and also three songs from their new album "Saints of Los Angeles" was jam packed with every Crue trick in the book.

Each member had their own little stint on stage by themselves talking to the crowd, minus Mick Mars who didn't talk to the crowd through his mouth, but his ten minute solo spoke to me. And from that point on I found myself watching him the most. All the guys in the band still have talent, but Mars absolutely rips on every solo and looks to be thoroughly enjoying what he is doing. The night wouldn't have been complete without some sort of debauchery, so whether it was the hardcore lesbian porn being shown on the three big screens throughout the show, Nikki Sixx calling out a girl in the crowd for throwing a bottle at him and then telling her to perform a certain fallacious act on him, Tommy Lee handing out a bottle of Jager to the crowd, or ending the night with the best power ballad out there "Home Sweet Home," I for the first time in my life, felt like a Crue head. And then I wanted to go home and take a shower.


"Kickstart My Heart"
"Wild Side"
"Shout At the Devil"
"Saints of Los Angeles"
"Live Wire"
"Too Fast For Love/On With the Show"
"Louder Than Hell"
"Motherfucker of the Year"
"Don't Go Away Mad"
"Same Ol Situation"
"White Trash Circus"
"Primal Scream"
"Looks That Kill"
"Girls Girls Girls"
"Dr. Feelgood"
"Home Sweet Home"

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