Thursday, February 05, 2009

Some News For SD:Dialed In

I just wanted to give a little update on what's been going on around SD:Dialed In HQ (um, my apartment) these days.

First, I wanted to point out some new links. Along with What O Saw (photos from O), I've added links to Discover SD as well as a new photoblog from Michael Klayman. Check them all out and give your support.

I've also been adding to the roster of contributors. Andrew Wehrung, producer at X1FM, wrote a review of Motley Crue that I'll be posting soon. You've probably noticed Ray Suen has been updating more frequently as he tours the world with The Killers. It might take some strong nudging, but Ken (The Dragons, The Bronx) has assured me he'll be writing from the road as The Bronx heads out for a European Tour (and a little bird told me they'll be doing a special Casbah show when they return). Additionally, a shout out to Dagart who will be heading to SXSW with Writer and will be providing coverage for SD:Dialed In, though I suspect he won't be updating while he's there because there is way too much fun to be had to stop and write. Regardless, you can catch him on Twitter @Dagart and read his tales in 140 characters. Last, we've got Jonathan, the biggest beer aficionado I know, who will be providing listings for beer events around town. I'm always open to more contributors, so if you wanna share your adventures around town, or just submit photos of shows, restaurant and bar reviews, or anything relevant to this site, please feel free to email me.

And to all the regular readers, contributors and supporters of SD:Dialed In, this thing can only get better, so thanks for reading, commenting, donating, and supporting our sponsors.

For all the people who inquired about Casbah anniversary merch, you can email your size and address to me. I will finally make a post office run to figure out shipping and you can pay via PayPal and I'll send it off, hopefully in the early part of next week. I expect the cost of shirts to be about $23 with shipping & handling.

For people in San Diego, we do still have Casbah merch available. I'll be there for select shows throughout the month, but you can always ask the bartenders (when they're not busy, of course) and they might be able to help you out.


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