Saturday, February 14, 2009

Catch Louis XIV (v2.0) At The Casbah This Monday!

Tim Pyles has put together one fine Anti-Monday League for our listening pleasure. The lineup includes Get Back Loretta, Inspired Flight, illuminauts and Louis XIV. Yes, Louis XIV will be playing promptly at 9:15. Their performance will be a sort of practice run with their new lineup before they go to Europe in support of The Killers. Funny how Ray played with Louis and now he's with The Killers, right? Anyhow, Jason and Brian have enlisted Shaun Cornell (Transfer, Dirty Sweet) and Andy on drums (Silent Comedy, Fono) to fill after the departure of Mark and James and you get to see it first. The really amazing thing is that the show is still as cheap as the regular Anti-Monday League shows: Six Bucks! Don't miss it and don't be late.


carol said...

Wow this really blows for my favorite band, Transfer. Hope they can patch up the hole that Sean is leaving quickly enough to make their scheduled tour dates and S/SW.

janine said...

Louis XIV rocked with Andy and Shaun. The boys looked spiffy and sounded TIGHT. Seriously, my favorite show of theirs so far... I only wish I could hear them play to the big crowds in Europe!!!

AVicious said...

Transfer is going to be in good hands with some traveling friends taking their instruments up in support. AVicious wil also be on the road from March 13th through March 20th. Can't wait to hit the road!