Monday, October 19, 2009

The Black Heart Procession At Casbah, 10.17.09

The Black Heart Procession kicked off their national tour at home base on Saturday night and it was an absolutely incredible show. The last few times the band played at Casbah, I was doing merch and didn't have a chance to catch the show, so this time I made sure to see the whole thing.

They started the set with "Drugs" which was incredibly intense and I was impressed by the restraint the band uses in performing the song live, to make the entire crowd hang on every word of the song. I didn't know how much memory I had left on my camera and so I had made the decision to record two of my favorite from the new album, Six, "Rats" and "The Witching Stone". Fortunately there was a setlist in front of me so I new when to start recording. The tour is in support of that record, and I highly recommend picking it up, whether you buy the beautiful CD book, vinyl, or the collector's tin with a heart shaped pendant that has the whole record on USB.

Read more and see more video if you 'keep on reading'.

I was up front with Kathleen and Sean and I was happy to have shaken off the dust from the earlier incident at Snow Patrol. Then low and behold, we're about 3 songs in, and there's this chick behind us, a woo-girl, who was screaming her woos at the band. In the middle of the songs. Annoying. Kathleen asked her to hold back her cheering for an appropriate time, like between songs, but being asked kindly only made her more deranged and she continued to scream, said something about being a guitarist and that she would cheer whenever she wanted. Great. Confrontation #2 for the night. There was some back and forth and the girl started turning all neck sway and calling Kathleen "Sweetheart" in that bitchy way women do, so she tried to ignore it until she couldn't and went to get the door guy, who happened to be Jake. He came and told the girl she needed to tone down and when she got in his face, he told her to go to the back of the club and stop bothering people. She went off on him, and we could hear her screaming "Bitch!" repeatedly from the back of the room. Apparently this was the same girl who at the last BHP show, decided to join the band onstage until she was kicked out. I was later informed that she left the show, and we went on enjoying the show in peace.

The rest of the night was without incident, thankfully, and Pall and the band did their thing, demonstrating why anything Pall touches turns to gold. The dude is an amazing talent and a treaure in the San Diego music scene, whether in any of his bands, or the touches he gives to so many bands in producing and recording their records.

As I mentioned, this was the first night of their tour, so hopefully they get the love they deserve as they tour the country.

Oct 17 @ Casbah, San Diego, CA w/ The Mumlers

Oct 18 @ The Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA w/ The Mumlers
Oct 20 @ Rhythm Room, Phoenix, AZ w/ The Mumlers
Oct 21 @ Launch Pad, Albuquerque, NM w/ The Mumlers
Oct 23 @ The Mohawk, Austin, TX w/ The Mumlers
Oct 24 @ Hailey's, Denton, TX w/ The Mumlers
Oct 25 @ One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans, LA w/ The Mumlers
Oct 26 @ The Bottletree, Birmingham, AL w/ The Mumlers
Oct 27 @ The 40 Watt, Athens, GA w/ The Mumlers
Oct 28 @ Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC w/ The Mumlers
Oct 29 @ The Black Cat, Washington, DC w/ Bellini, The Mumlers
Oct 30 @ Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, PA w/ Bellini, The Mumlers
Oct 31 @ Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ w/ Bellini, The Mumlers
Nov 1 @ The Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY w/ Bellini, The Mumlers
Nov 3 @ Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA w/ Bellini
Nov 4 @ La Sala Rosa, Montreal, QC w/ Bellini
Nov 5 @ Lee's Palace, Toronto, ON w/ Bellini
Nov 6 @ The Crofoot, Detroit, MI w/ Bellini
Nov 7 @ Bottom Lounge, Chicago, IL w/ Bellini
Nov 8 @ 400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN w/ Bellini
Nov 11 @ Chop Suey, Seattle WA w/ Bellini
Nov 12 @ The Biltmore, Vancouver, BC w/ Bellini
Nov 13 @ The Aladdin, Portland, OR w/ Bellini
Nov 15 @ The Independent, San Francisco, CA w/ Bellini

The band didn't start their set until midnight, which meant they pretty much played right up until last call. We sat at the back bar rehashing the night and discussing the show until it was time to go. I was full of adrenaline when I got home and didn't fall asleep until about 4 am, but my lack of sleep didn't prevent me from spending Sunday with my family at Sea World and then the night at Bar Pink with Dos Hermanos. Post on that to come.

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