Monday, October 19, 2009

The Soft Pack, Casbah, 10.16.09

After Yo La Tengo, I headed over to the Casbah with O to catch the return of The Soft Pack, whom I hadn't seen since they were still called The Muslims. There were other bands on the bill, but frankly I was too busy catching up with friends to pay attention, not to mention it's not often a crowd makes me feel old, but let's just say you won't catch me in boots, leggings, and wayfarers anytime soon. That said, I think Ganglions, The Drug Wars, and even Wavves all had pretty good sets from what I heard and saw, but you'll have to find photos of the three somewhere else. And we got there after Beaters finished so I can't speak to their set at all but I love those guys as people and the feedback I heard testified that they were pretty great, too.

So fortunately O was up front for The Soft Pack and let me squeeze in with him to take some photos and video. The photos are typical of my photography- dark, grainy, and not worth posting, and you can pretty much get the idea with the videos. I'm really looking forward to The Soft Pack releasing a full length in the coming year. I also did a 'paper napkin' interview in an attempt to minimize my voice in the can't see shit, but if you wanna hear the audio, go here.

Two more videos if you 'keep on reading'.

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