Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dean & Britta "13 Most Beautiful" @ The Loft, 10.9.09

Friday night had so many great shows going on and I'm still kinda kicking myself for only making one show that night, but fortunately it was a great one. Dean & Britta were performing at the loft, but the show was non-traditional in the sense that they took Andy Warhol's 13 screen tests and put music to them. The crowd was mostly seated and it was a pretty cool concept. For those that don't know (as I didn't), a screen test is basically a camera running on a subject to test their on-camera aesthetic, lighting, etc., in this case, they run the entire 100 feet of film, which ends up being 4 minutes. Personally, I think the stories that Dean & Britta shared made this wholly fascinating. (..."He was high at a party, got naked, and plunged to his death out of a 4th floor window") I've never really appreciated Andy Warhol (or maybe didn't get it?), but this presentation and performance definitely brought him to life in a whole new way for me. There is a DVD of the music and screentests available for sale. For a complete review of the show, check out this review from Minneapolis.

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