Saturday, October 17, 2009

Casbah Presents Yo La Tengo @ Soma, 10.16.09

So there was this one time when I had amazing backstage privileges. It was soundcheck for Arcade Fire and at the time I happened to work across the street, and I had to drop something off to Tim or something, and it was a slow day at work and nobody really cared or noticed that I left. I walked across the street to Spreckels and there was Arcade Fire soundchecking and I was really there for less than 20 minutes, but I was dying to take pictures, but was told it was not ok to do so...a violation of trust with the band or something...which I totally get, but still, would've been so awesome, even if I could never share those photos. I still get the same chill up my spine at how cool that moment in time felt for me listening to them sound check "Wake Up" (which sends chills up my spine every time I see the "Where The Wild Things Are" trailer.)The concert that night delivered the same spiritual feeling.

All this to say that tonight I went to see Yo La Tengo on a totally random whim with Tim Pyles and I was petrified to even bring out my camera. Tim is an amazing friend, so I wouldn't ever wanna cross a line, but he said he thought it was ok to do my shit. Sorry, but I still geek out if I'm somewhere I don't think I'm supposed to this case we were sidestage with nobody else around. I should also say I know NOTHING about Yo La Tengo except that Swim Party does a rad cover of their music and my friend Kevin was really pissed that they were playing in San Diego the one week he decided to go back to Wisconsin to visit family. He had the courtesy to call me from the cheese factory to ask what I wanted, so returning the favor, in some small way, I took photos, video, and even had him on the phone for about 20 minutes so he could hear the show he was missing. All that blah blah out of the way, here are the photos and video. p.s. to all the YLT fans, sorry I wasn't introduced sooner, but I TOTALLY get it:

More photos and video if you click 'keep on reading'.

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