Monday, October 05, 2009

Welcome Nadia Sabella!

I mentioned earlier in the week that my brother will be redeployed so he and my sister-in-law came out for the week. Last time I saw my nephew he was just a couple months old and it kills me that we don't get to see him more but we enjoyed the week together, and Johanna got to fall in love with her cousin.

To add to all of the excitement, today my sister gave birth to her second child. Contractions started at 1 am but she didn't go in until 5 am, where we spent the day waiting for the little nugget to make her appearance.

Nadia Sabella was born at 6:23 pm. She was 8 lbs, 10 oz. And with rolls like this, I shall call her Raisin. Not sure of her length just yet, as they weren't going to measure her until she was settled in the nursery, but forgive me for being a doting aunt and gushing. I am in love all over again.

All the photos can be seen here.

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Lazy John said...

Congratulations, Tia. Should I ever run into you at the Small Bar, I'll buy you a beer or two.