Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Low Red Land @ Casbah 10.8.09

Thursday night at the Casbah brought two of my favorite bands back on the same bill, along with newcomers This Is Not My Life (from MySpace: "ex-members of the Comfortable for You, lowcloudcover, goodbye blue monday, calico horse, manuok, waterline drift, the royal affairs, and other (formerly) important bands"). I mostly just enjoyed watching the bands and didn't really take photos of the performances (because do you really need to see more pics of Swim Party on this site?), but I had hanging with the SF boys, so I did take a few of us goofing off as well as a couple videos of their performance. I also got them to sing some a capella stuff, but you have to go to my YouTube page or they'll kick my ass for posting that here. They're touring on Dog Hymns which is a brilliant album if you haven't picked it up. One day I'll do a proper album review, but in the meantime know that it was a great show from all three bands (and Alex's birthday). I should also plug here that Swim Party will be playing the SD:Dialed In 3rd Anniversary show at Casbah on 11.9.09

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