Thursday, October 08, 2009

Tonight! Casbah! Be There!

Low Red Land is back in town! Tonight! My boys from San Francisco always bring an amazing show and if you've yet to check them out, now's the time.

Low Red Land have created a sound that is quite unique, yet gratifying and familiar. They merge layers of rock, folk, country, and hardcore to create songs that are intensely dynamic. Their lyrics have been described as “subtly penned protest songs,” but these protests are personal while still being poignant. The band, however, won’t tell you any of this. The guys of Low Red Land prefer to just say, “Come see us play a show. We are awesome.” Their consistently growing and ever loyal fan base seems to agree with them. They have been criss-crossing our nations highways for the past two years with great dedication, collecting numerous rave live reviews and drawing in new fans at every stop.

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