Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Rumble, Casbah, 10.10.09

Saturday night brought the most successful installment of The Rumble thus far, and that's not surprising as it was a great lineup and free for all. The night brought a lot of latecomers to the show catching The Blakes as they filtered in. The band started a tad early, it seemed, perhaps because they were also playing at Bar Pink later the same night, but they were great to watch, especially the drummer who was on fire.

Lady Dottie & The Diamonds brought their rocking music to a crowded dancefloor. Shamefully my pics blow, but we've all seen and love what Lady Dottie brings by now, right?

Then Fitz & The Tantrums took the stage and despite Fitz's cold, brought down some serious fun. Jake and I even worked in a slow dance. It appeared from all accounts that people enjoyed The Rumble and I hope that Fitz makes San Diego their home away from home because they certainly know how to bring a crowd to shake their asses. Including me...

After the show we decided to catch The Blakes second set at Pink and they seemed to enjoy their San Diego reception at both venues.

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