Saturday, February 20, 2010

Transfer & AVicious team for music inspired visual installation

Transfer and AVicious, the VJ/Performance Video Design team out of Los Angeles CA, have worked together for many years. The collaboration began while working with John-Ryan Shea of The Visual Underground and then when TVU disbanded it migrated to JRS' new visual collaboration with partner and commercial Art Director Jeremy Glaholt - later named AVicious. We have toured together, created together and shared many a late night conversation in the back of a van on where the mediums of audio and video could go. Recently AVicious has pulled away from performing at many of Transfer's shows due to scheduling issues. So what has happened with the collaboration?
Last December Transfer and AVicious began working on a new installation project based on the song 'Enojado' from the new record Future Selves which Transfer released late last year. Enojado is an exploration of music video and live interactive space. Currently moving away from Stage 1 of the project, AVicious is beginning work on space design and electronic integration. What is coming is a new way to experience the band, the music and the medium itself. We will be updating our website with logs on our progress so please come by and check us out - Below is a preview of the work done during Stage 1. XO

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