Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Pyles Session: The Screamin Yeehaws

Last week I tagged along with Tim Pyles as he recorded a Pyles Session with The Screamin Yeehaws at Doubletime Studios in El Cajon. The Session, which will be mixed and played on The Local Pyle on February 21, was recorded to promote the FM 94/9 FREE end of the month show at the Casbah with The Screamin Yeehaws, The Fooks, Behind The Wagon, and The Farmers, which doubles as The Screamin Yeehaws CD Release Party. I took a bunch of pictures and want to thank Pyles for letting me be a part of it, The Screamin Yeehaws for letting me catch you in the studio (especially Silent Henry for drawing my name into your tattoo- we'll get the spelling right next time), and to Jeff for letting us watch the recording magic happen. All the photos after the jump if you click 'keep on reading'

I didn't shoot much video since the whole thing was being recorded, but we had a little crisis when the video lights blew a fuse...when they flipped the breaker, it was the wrong one and all the recording equipment went off. Fortunately everything was backed up, but this is what went down while we waited to make sure everything was ok.

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