Saturday, February 06, 2010

Jeff's Weekly Pick: Editors @ House of Blues Feb 9

Birmingham England’s Editors make a return visit to the House of Blues Tuesday Feb. 9. The brief North American tour coincides with the release of their third full length, In This Light and on This Evening. The album is a departure from their guitar driven previous efforts, featuring synthesizers this time. The songs tend to grow with repeated listens. The constant that remains is Tom Smith’s signature lead vocals, so there is no mistaking this is indeed an Editors’ album.
Any time a band attempts to expand their sound there is a risk of losing some of the fan base. Recent touring in Europe has provided favorable reviews from concert-goers, thought it might be somewhat more difficult to gain the same support on this side of the Atlantic. The band seems poised to take on the challenge. Editors live show is definitely worth the time and money.
The Antlers and Princeton set the stage.

Watch a video of “Papillon” below

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