Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chis Shiflett, Audra Mae & Mario Escovedo @ Casbah, 2.15.10

After three nights in a row at the Casbah, I wasn't sure that I wanted to make the trek down again, but when Jeff offered a ride, I figured I could take my laptop and get work done while I waited for the bands to start, knowing if I stayed home I would get lost in the timesuck of bad television.

It looked like a lot of people decided to stay home on this Monday, but after the craziness of Friday and Saturday and being a social butterfly on Sunday, it was nice going to a really chill acoustic show. Incidentally, I intend to post some of those weekend shows, but since I got home by midnight, this show was on the brain and easy enough to upload my photos and videos (it REALLY helps when musicians announce song titles of new material).

Mario Escovedo kicked off the night mixing up his set with solo material, a couple Dragons tunes, and my favorite cover that he does with MEX, "Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart".

I was excited to check out Audra Mae. She's signed to SideOneDummy and they happen to be the label of Fake Problems, one of my favorite discoveries in 2009 (though they've been around longer). Traditionally a punk label, they're also starting to put out records by former-punkers who pick up an acoustic guitar. Audra Mae got clear roots in blues and country, but she's got an edge that makes her fit the label well. Her voice was absolutely magnificent.

Last up was Chris Shiflett. Despite being listed as (of Foo Fighters), Chris has a long career in music and was here to play his songs, much to the dismay of the dude who asked for "Everlong" at the end of his set. He gave O a bunch of shoutouts as he and I hovered up front shooting video. He genuinely appeared to be having a good time which always translates well for a show, and he just really has an awesome voice that harkens his punk roots and makes this acoustic music veer from every feeling fragile or soft. This show was definitely what I needed on an Anti-Monday night.

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