Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Show Videos: Suzanne Vega, Fanfarlo, Caitlin Crosby, Matt Hires

Last week I was all over the place and I thought YouTube was messing with me, but sadly I went back to my videos and most of them are over the 2 gig limit, so until I figure out how to shrink my files (which I'm sure is easier than I think), I'll just share the ones that did upload.

Starting with Tuesday night, after a fun, albeit underattended Mardi Gras party at the House of Blues, I went to the Loft to see Suzanne Vega. She sounded exactly like she sounds recorded, which if you're a fan is exactly what you hope for. She played two sold-out shows at The Loft, and they had little cocktail tables out with seating for this show. The crowd was older and very attentive. Considering most of the tour was small theatres, seeing her among 150 people was pretty special. Of course I got Luke and Tom's Diner on video, but like I said, I'll have to do some research to see what this little laptop can do to shrink those down.

On Wednesday, I went up to Secret Cedar studios where FM 94/9 was hosting winners to see Fanfarlo. They weren't playing a proper show in San Diego, just a couple radio gigs and the Sunset Sessions, which is a conference type thing for AAA radio stations.

I really love Fanfarlo and look forward to them swinging back through town on a proper tour because they were great at the Casbah back in December.

I don't have any videos from The Damned, or any pictures for that matter, as I was slinging t-shirts and didn't get to see the shows at all, but on Friday, I was ready to unwind and went big with the early show at the Casbah with Matt Hires before going to the Casbah for Steve Poltz's birthday. I have videos from that but you'll have to wait. In the meantime, here are a couple from the early show.

This one is a new unreleased Matt Hires song called A To B.

I know this isn't really a review, but I'm not in the mood to write. Maybe I'll upload some photos and talk more about the shows, but I think the videos sort of speak enough about the performances. It was a good week in music. I will note that the majority of the crowd at the early show were Casbah first timers and very obviously there to see American Idol finalist Jason Castro. When he played I counted at least 16 people filming his set, and while I thought he had a great voice, I wasn't much impressed with the simple love lyrics of his music. So that's that.

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