Monday, February 01, 2010

The Mikey Show Debuts on FM 94/9

I've expressed some opinions about Mikey's show moving from Rock 105.3 to FM 94/9, so I don't need to go into the debate any further. What I really want to say is that today is the debut (in about a minute) and if you're going to have an opinion about the show, you should at least LISTEN. I never really listen to morning radio anyway, unless, as right now, I've been up all night working (we WILL launch that new Casbah site SOON), but here's the thing...I hope Mikey kills it. I really do. If the powers at FM 94/9 are putting their money behind him and his team and that is the way they think they'll get their numbers where they want them to keep the station on the air in the format that we currently know and love in every other daypart, then I hope people tune in.

I am right now. Maybe not I said I've been up all night...but for now, I'm listening. You can too. Right here. Feel free to comment here on what you think.

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