Sunday, April 04, 2010

It's All About Family

Perhaps I haven't been the best blogger of late. With Twitter, I've gotten a bit lazy about posting photos and reviews of shows, though I'm still out just about every night of the week. But today is not only Easter Sunday but marks the 40th anniversary of my parents' marriage and while this site has steered to being about music in San Diego, it is still mine. When Bart Mendoza recently called me out for not posting about my personal life, it struck a nerve. And this weekend, with family and friends coming out to celebrate my parents, I realized Nadia hasn't received the blog love that Johanna got for being my first niece. So, whether you celebrate Easter or Passover or pagan rituals, I am spending the weekend enjoying my family and at six months, my little nubbin Nadia brings me true joy every time I am with her.


JME said...

rosey, she is BEAUTIFUL.

The Realist SD said...

Awesome! She is a cutie.