Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jeff's Weekly Pick: The Antlers @ The Casbah Wednesday April 28, 2010

Brooklyn-based indie band The Antlers will make their first appearance as headliners at the Middletown venue this Wednesday. This will be their fourth visit to San Diego and the reason is a simple one: their music is full of passion and relies heavily on crescendo building anthemic songs mostly from their highly praised 2009 effort Hospice. Peter Silberman and his band mates are serious about their music and it shows during their performance. It is critical for the audience to connect to this form of music which deals with difficult subject matter. Music lovers who truly share this passion will fill the room and see a band fully immersed in their live set. I have personally been riveted to their sets each time I have witnessed them (the previous three). The Casbah should be the best place to see a band on the rise, so be part of something special and show the band some indie love this Wednesday. You won't regret it.

Phantogram sets the stage.

Watch an unofficial video of Kettering below.

Just found this one...even better:

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