Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snakesuit Premiere "The Hangover"

Snakesuit filmed a video for their song, "The Hangover", and will be performing their second show this Wednesday at Commune, a free show at the Whistle Stop. Here's the bio the band asked me to post:

Snakesuit is Howard Goldstein’s baby, birthed from the recesses of his cerebrum. For months he kept his creation under lock and key in a fortress made of cast iron, deep in the forest, only feeding it a steady diet of his wife’s casseroles. Snakesuit became strong and virile.
On a Tuesday in December 2011, on his way out to the deep forest, Howard Goldstein met the acquaintance of one Brett the Salesman who had been taking shelter from the elements under an Elderberry Bush. Brett the Salesman was in a bad way. He hadn’t made quota for the second quarter in a row and his future was full of anxiety.

Howard Goldstein shared some of the casserole intended for the Snakesuit with Brett the Salesman. Brett the Salesman was humbled by Howard Goldstein’s generosity and promised to one day repay that kindness with a kindness of his own.
On the second Wednesday after their initial meeting on a Tuesday in December 2011, Howard Goldstein was in his own bad way. He had broken a tooth biting into a handful of mixed nuts. It also so happened that Howard’s car was in the shop on this very same day. He needed a ride to the dentist. Howard Goldstein called upon Brett the Salesman.

Brett the Salesman rushed Howard Goldstein to the dentist who did a bang up tooth repair job. The three of them retired deep into the forest to celebrate the successful dental procedure. There Howard Goldstein shared the Snakesuit with his two friends. They convinced him to go public with his creation.

Music Video: Snakesuit from campbellicious on Vimeo.

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