Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunset Sessions 2012

Sunset Sessions 2012 is underway at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. The mostly private event is the annual get together for music supervisors and radio program directors in the AAA format (also known as "Triple A" for Adult Album Alternative. Think KPRI, and about a third of the playlist of Radio Sophie...). I've been fortunate to come to the event for a few years now and it is an interesting education into the music radio stations come to play the songs they do, how songs get placed on your favorite TV shows or movies or commercials...and seeing the inner workings of the relationships between bands, labels, artists, publicists, and supervisors. At times it is quite inspiring and makes me think that if I just keep working my ass off in the numerous ways I'm involved in music, one of these days something will stick. And to be completely honest, sometimes it is completely frustrating, with a distinct insider's club feeling and the impression that you have to have money to make money. I can easily name a dozen San Diego independent acts who deserve the eyeballs and earholes of this elite group of music gatekeepers if they only had the financial backing that is required to perform here.

All of that said, besides Everest, the first day of music left a whole lot to be desired so I didn't really shoot video or photos, though I have been representing SoundDiego around the panels and such. I did however take full advantage of the open bar (which is only open for a small window of time throughout the night.), and I also took the time to reconnect with familiar faces like Incan Abraham and The Makepeace Brothers. You can see some performances and photos from throughout this weekend over at SoundDiego or Radio Sophie.

Today has been really beautiful up at the Inn and there was a really cool keynote/interview with Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, as well as a great afternoon panel with the dream team of today's most important music gatekeepers, like Kevin Lyman (Warped Tour) and Alex Patsavas (Chop Shop Records and holder of my dream job). Since The Heavy Guilt has a show tonight and Jesse LaMonaca and the Dime Novels have their CD release show tomorrow (which is close to selling out so you should buy tickets in advance if you're planning on going), I'm gonna have to miss the night sessions with performances by the likes of Jimmy Cliff, fun., Gary Clark Jr., and The Parlotones, but I'm still hoping to close out the weekend with more informative panels and some of the daytime music sessions. Happy hour is about to start and Audra Mae is performing, so I better scoot. xoxo

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