Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lucinda Williams at Sunset Sessions 2012

Another great performance at the 2012 Sunset Sessions was from Lucinda Williams. I hadn't seen Lucinda perform live since Car Wheels On A Gravel Road, and at the time, I wasn't aware of her history and amazing catalog of music. Recently, Lucinda has been the subject of criticism by Bob Lefsetz for using a lyric book when she performs, but seeing her in person, in a brightly lit banquet room, with a room full of industry professionals, it was actually shocking how someone so experienced could still seem so nervous and shy, and when you see how many songs are in that binder, dating back to the 1970's, it's no wonder she has it available for performances. I felt very lucky to be in that room.

Below is the full playlist from her show, which deviates slightly from her setlist.

1. Pineola
2. Side of the Road
3. World Without Tears
4. Born To Be Loved
5. Port Arthur
6. Stowaway
7. Lake Charles
8. Angel (Jimi Hendrix Cover)
9. Blessed

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