Thursday, February 09, 2012

Limited Edition Los Campesinos! release

Los Campesinos!, the great seven piece Cardiff band with the same last name “Campesinos!,” have released a special musical offer that usually is only available to subscribers and not the general public.  Part of the Heat Rash subscriber’s series the newest edition issue 3 is entitled Footnotes, and is intended to be a great companion piece to their latest album Hello Sadness. The issue includes a detailed track by track guide to the lyrics of their new album as well as a very transparent look into the bands recording process.  Footnotes also includes a seven inch and two digital downloads that are previously unreleased.  This package is available at the Los Campesinos! blog and the prices are in GBP.  In addition see Los Campesinos! this Sunday, February 12th at The Casbah (tickets here)

Enjoy the video for “By your hand” my favorite song off their new album Hello Sadness and make sure to catch them at The Casbah.

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