Monday, February 06, 2012

OTR February 7, 2012

I ran into Michael McGraw last week and we got to talking about "Let me ask you something. Why don't you do a year end best of list? I think people really would like to see something like that." My response was something like when I'm not at a show, I pretty much listen to the same 10 albums. Plus, my perspective is narrow because I rely so heavily on what I'm sent in the mail and digitally. It isn't a complaint, but there's no way I could keep up with everything that comes out. Truth be told, I'm pretty old school and rely on being turned on to good new stuff by friends. I pass those things along on this site when I get them, so a year end list is just sometimes way too daunting. Fortunately, other people take the time, and today, I dug this guy's list (which, funny enough, has a Michael McGraw track at number 15.)

I have been thinking about the conversation and when I get my Entertainment Weekly in the mail, I always look at their "Watchlist" (and usually roll my eyes to at least half of their suggestions) and CityBeat does a similar "Redlist" with suggestions, though they often feel like paid endorsements. Long story short, I'm gonna try my hand at this. I'm gonna call it OTR (On The Radar, On The Rag, Occupying The Resources, whatever) I'm not gonna limit the boundaries and as in my last diary, you might discover just how much TV I watch.

1. TONIGHT: Cory Chisel at the Casbah. This show is tonight and I almost missed it entirely because he isn't the headliner. There are plenty of tickets available to the show, so just show up. He'll probably be on around 9 or 9:30, so don't be late.

2. Later Tonight: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 2. Yes, I watch this show. I don't watch all of the franchises, Atlanta and New Jersey just have way too much yelling, but I've followed NY and Beverly Hills since they've been around. I was particularly interested in this season because last summer I was close to being hired by Dana Wilkey to run her social media and online presence. Her contract kept getting pushed back and her appearances were more limited than originally planned, and then Taylor's husband committed suicide. Dana was pretty flaky and after months of email and phone tag, it just never happened. I will say it is too bad for her because her tweets are out of control. Anyway, there were a whole bunch of ladies visiting crazytown this season and I watched every minute of it.

3. Tuesday: Dr. Dog at the Belly Up. The show is sold out and I can't wait.

4. Drive. I haven't seen the film and it comes out on DVD on Tuesday. Me and a friend have been devouring Red Box movies and cheap wine and I suspect this will happen again this week, if not on Tuesday.

5. Wednesday: Saint Motel & The Heavy Guilt at the Casbah.

6. TV SWEEPS! February is one of the most important ratings books for networks so they all roll out their big shows. The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 12, the same night as The GRAMMYS, airing on CBS. (Read why you won't see a Bon Iver performance.) Revenge and Once Upon A Time promise new episodes, while The River and Smash might offer some new pleasurable brain mush. Some people are anti-television, but watching this stuff On Demand helps me get through the bazillion emails I get. In fact, I blame my backed up inbox on the lack of new programming in January. TV makes me productive. I'm gonna go with that.


2/11- Loud & Clear Records 10 Year Anniversary @ The Casbah
2/13- Drag The River @ The Casbah
2/17- The Heavy Guilt & The Howls @ The Loft, UCSD
2/18- Jesse LaMonaca and the Dime Novels CD RELEASE, The Blackout Party, Black Sands, The Fire Eaters @ The Casbah


A. J. Payler said...

I like this list format but oh man did I groan at the mere idea of anyone else adding to the proliferation of pointless, self-important "year-end best of" lists. That's one idea that's long past tiresome.

Greg ( said...

Hey Rosemary,

Glad you liked the list!

Greg (Given and Taken in Ink)