Wednesday, June 07, 2017

This Weekend: Oysterfest 2017 at Embarcadero Marina Park North

This weekend is Oysterfest at Embarcadero Marina Park North . Tickets are still available for purchase here or you might still be able to grab them on Goldstar with a quick search. I'm pretty impressed this year because I really dig the way the lineups are separated. While there's certainly some crossover interest, for the most part, the people I know who love the Friday lineup wouldn't touch the Saturday one and vice versa, and that's just fine. Both seem to offer pretty robust and diverse music options, and to be perfectly honest, most of the time you're going to be perusing the variety of oyster options and finding the beer and booze lines anyway. I predict this June gloom will clear in a day or two and you can count on perfect weather for this super fun annual event.
Pro-tip: Take a significant amount of cash with you for the vendors. The on-site ATMs are a total rip.

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