Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Photos: The Fratellis at the Observatory, May 4, 2018

Here's another post that got caught in my drafts but never posted. This was back in May at the Observatory with the Fratellis. I can't remember anything particularly noteworthy of the night. Not to say the band wasn't great---they were and are--but I remember racing to get to the show on time, feeling a little flustered once I actually arrived, and then seeing a show with great lighting all in the shade of a kinda ridiculous fedora/Panama hat kinda bummed me out. I'm no stylist, I'm defnitely no fashionista, but if men never wore hats on stage again, I'd be super okay with it. I guess that and chewing gum are my two big stage peeves. That's neither here nor there. The band is super energetic and it's definitely infectious with their audience. More pictures are after the jump. 

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