Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Photos: Nada Surf Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of ‘Let Go’ at Belly Up, May 14, 2018

Another show from back in May. I was on a roll that month and I guess these took me so long to post because they're mostly terrible. The lighting just wasn't working for me, I super suck at shooting through hazers and fog machines, and I'm kinda there welling up with tears as Nada Surf celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Let Go. Every song was amazing, but dudes, gimme something with that lighting!!

 I'd heard that after other shows on the tour, Matthew Caws had been going to the merch booth and playing an acoustic song. So I went back and waited at the end of the show, and then awkwardly got trapped in the corner. The lighting is even more awful than the rest of the concert, but because Matthew and I were literally shoulder to shoulder, the sound was amazing, so I thought it was still worth the share. Anyway, it was another fantastic Nada Surf show and I can't wait to hear them do it again, hopefully sooner rather than later. More photos after the jump.

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