Tuesday, March 31, 2020

CoViD-19: What's Booze Got To Do With It?

I miss my bar pal, Julie. (This is an oldie from 2018)
Look, live your life as you will and I'll live mine. People can have differences of opinions so long as we keep our facts straight. And the fact is, certain states and entire countries are banning or otherwise limiting alcohol sales during the coronavirus pandemic. And look, I don't think California is gonna limit or ban alcohol sales. But, I also don't really need to be doing beer runs during the shelter-at-home order. So let's just say I panic purchased, and we're set, at least for a minute. I mean, I had to go get some stuff for my parents at CostCo anyway, so I don't feel like I was unnecessarily clogging the store, but if I happened to pick up a couple cases of beer and some liquor while there? Well, sorry not sorry.  And I'm not the only one.

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So how is the rest of the country and the rest of the world handling alcohol during this pandemic? Some articles and references, after the jump.

The Countries That Have Banned Alcohol Sales Due To The Coronavirus - The Drinks Business (3/31/20)

According to this article, South Africa is on Lockdown and banned the sale and export of alcohol until April 16. Prohibed tobacco and shopping trips must be for essentials only. Walking for exercise is banned, no public gathering. "Citing reasons for the alcohol ban, the government said that booze reduces a person’s ability to practice social distancing and practice good personal hygiene. It also stated that alcohol can affect the immune system, meaning that those with already weak immune systems will make themselves more susceptible to disease."

Greenland banned alcohol until April 15th in the capital, Nuuk. Alcohol ban is because people under the influence are l"ess aware of the danger of contamination" and to make sure children have a safe home environment.

Panic buying of alcohol during coronavirus pandemic prompts new sales restrictions - ABC News Australia

Western Australia: "Beer, cider and pre-mixed spirits will be limited to two cases, and wine to 12 bottles per customer. Cask wine and bottled spirits will be limited to two items each."

Louisiana ATC: Rumors of suspended alcohol sales during pandemic not true

Alcohol ban UK: Has alcohol been banned? Will UK ban alcohol sales?

Pennsylvania closes all state liquor stores indefinitely

50 states of coronavirus: How every state in the U.S. has responded to the pandemic

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