Thursday, March 19, 2020

CoViD-19: Six Things That Have Me Looking On The Bright Side

Being that this is my personal blog, I don't ever specify or clarify that everything here is my opinion. I do my best to have links when presenting facts, but I also try not to rant too much. But I've kinda got this in my head and don't really need a discussion about why I'm wrong or terrible or whatever. Sometimes I need to be allowed to say some shit about shit.

Regular Unleaded is under $3/gallon at Ultra Gas on El Cajon Blvd and 33rd Place 

  • Maybe the whole cruise industry will collapse. After reading this deep-dive from The Hustle, I'm disgusted by the whole industry. Not the people who work in the industry, mind you. All job losses at this time are tragic and need to be dealt with. But the companies paying low wages, no taxes, and expecting US gov bailout can go F themselves.
  • Maybe AirBnB operators will lose so much money, or maybe as hotels are being used for quarantining, the Governor will force the same for STROs, they won't like it, and then return housing stock for actual rentals. Imagine if the estimated 11k plus units in San Diego suddenly came online for long term rentals? Maybe rents would adjust to realistic numbers.
  • Maybe the inaction of this administration really means the end of it. There sure are a lot of people and businesses who don't hate "entitlements" now. Remember, the first US case was January 19th. The failures just keep piling on and there are much better and smarter people making note of it every day. Recommended follows: Heather Cox Richardson, Rebecca Solnit, Dan Rather's News & Guts.
    Bonus reading: How testing failures allowed coronavirus to sweep the U.S.
  • Gas prices are dropping. I just paid $2.85/gallon at Costco on March 18. The gas station on 33rd Place and El Cajon is at $2.99 (cash price).
  • Air pollution is down the more we lockdown. China's went down. Italy's went down. Maybe the lie that everyone needs to work in an office will die.
  • Maybe people realize that health care for all matters and needs to be a priority. In that vein, maybe the people revolt against profit in medicine altogether. 

It's really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially when experts are saying we haven't even gotten to that tunnel yet, but this is going to make everyone reevaluate the lives we live, the lifestyles we live, and the way we either fight or accept the power structures in this country.

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