Wednesday, March 18, 2020

CoViD 19: How To Not Let Your Kids' Brains Turn To Goo

Nova is in middle school, so all the students are working from home, getting daily assignments, and all students were provided Chromebooks if they didn't already have them. (A parent survey revealed all students had regular consistent access to wi-fi) So I know it comes with a heavy dose of privilege to assume that everyone has internet access and a device to access it, but you're here, so some assumptions aren't too far off base, I hope. I thought I'd share some resources to keep your kids' minds active as they're going to suffer from seclusion more than the rest of us. I will keep adding to this list, but I promised the family a break so I need to take that now. Please comment if you have additional resources to add here.

The San Diego Humane Society is launching a "Humane at Home" series. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 2pm, the Humane Education Team will bring fun, educational content and activities via Facebook Live on the San Diego Humane Society Facebook page.

PBS Learning Media has media and resources for all grade levels. I haven't delved too deep, but looking forward to deep diving into this one.

Khan Academy This is the math resource used at Nova's school, but is also available for free to any learner, all grade and ability levels, with exercises, video tutorials, and more.

eLibrary Resources San Diego: San Diego Public Library has online resources. Unfortunately, I don't know if during this shutdown if you can get a new card if you didn't already have one, but we are loving having a large list of eBooks and Audiobooks through the CloudLibrary App.

And maybe this is the site that Governor Newsom was citing yesterday:
Resources that Support Distance Learning 

Travel Sites and Attractions That You Can Visit Virtually

These links were provided by one of the English teachers at her school:

Virtual Field Trips - Google Doc - This is absolutely incredible. Go places you've never been, virtually.

Oceans Initiative Virtual Marine Biology Camps

List of Free Educational Site Resources - This is a super exhaustive list of free resources, but it's an ad-supported mommy blog, so be sure to scroll through and only hit the hyperlinked alphabetical ordered list and not an ad that takes you who knows where. Unfortunately, there's no description of the resources, but if you've got time, click through some of them. (Side note, I make pretty much no money from my page because I don't add these obnoxious types of ads within posts, but do accept PayPal and Venmo donations. You can find those on the top of the left column when you use this page from your browser or select "desktop version" from your mobile.)

Free Drawing Classes by Professional Illustrators

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