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CoViD-19: Local Musician Drew Andrews Shares His Coronavirus Diagnosis, Experience

I'm so grateful to my sweet friend Drew Andrews for allowing me to share his story today on SoundDiego. Check it out: Local Musician Shares Coronavirus Diagnosis, Experience

My dear friend and colleague Graham Stevens also believes he may have the virus and has shared a personal video here.

I wish I had more to say but it's kind of overwhelming right now.
Just wishing the best for my pals.

Drew has continued sharing valuable information, which I'm reposting, after the jump:

Drew wanted to share his symptoms and endorsed some treatment should you find yourself with similar symptoms:
For me, it started like this:

-First, LOST MY SENSE OF TASTE/SMELL. Just vanished. On Sunday evening, Mar 22nd. Looked like a pretty good soup I was making that night, too.
-Second, FEVER, on Monday, Mar 23rd. Checked for fever, didn’t feel like a ‘warm forehead’...but yep, 100 degrees, first time testing. Seemed weird. Didn’t feel as flushed as a normal fever, not sure if that is significant or not. Have now had fever for 7 days. Mostly been steady on taking Tylenol too.
-Third, ACHY MUSCLES and FATIGUE. Also started Mon 23rd. Had been ‘attempting’ mega push-ups the day before (lean into unemployment life, you know?) and thought I was just being a fitness idiot and over-extending. But yeah, hard-to-pull-out-of-bed kinda muscle pain. And, the FATIGUE...doing normal things, everything, exhausted me.

-Fourth, SPACING OUT MORE THAN NORMAL / DISSOCIATED FEELING. Like being very mildly on drugs, but I’ve been away from any drugs a long bit now. Off and on, linked with fever, started same, Mon 23rd.
All of this, and I was just thinking I had some mild exhaustion/rundown thing happening. I started looking at symptoms Tuesday and wondering if I could even possibly have Coronavirus. I had ZERO cough and was for sure I had to have that to be positive.
Wednesday, Mar 25, I called and spoke with Doctor in late afternoon/evening. I had been out earlier for a grocery run even that day, I really wish I hadn’t now, home since then. 😔 My symptoms didn’t flag me that day for a test, but Thursday @ 8 AM they were changing testing regulations and also I woke with a dry cough, so officially I think then they wanted me to come try their new in-car clinic.

-Fifth, DRY COUGH and BLUEISH MOUTH/LIPS. That Thursday morning I woke up, I had a mild cough first time. This is the place I am in now. In the morning, it’s not really there. But afternoon/evening, it creeps in. No gross ‘noooormal’ phlegm, at all, for me. Not like hawking up gunk, at all. But, in the back of sinuses, in an upper region, I feel shifting of phlegm blockage, like just can’t breath suddenly a little, and it's kinda sudden and sneaky and grows fast. I don’t like talking about this part. Hot liquid recommendations from friends and steam showers have really helped this. I sing along to Chet Baker albums when this happens too. Singing has seemed to calm me down and brings a unique, sorta sad comfort RN. 😔
Ok. These have been my symptoms. All of this you can share if it is helpful. Please share your own symptoms here if you have also tested positive or if you seriously think that maybe you have unfortunately also joined in on this fun too

Official CDC Guidelines To Prevent Covid-19

What To Do if You Are Sick (CDC)

Everybody should know this: as of now, the options seem pretty thin on the official front, considering so many fears. So, pay attention. Here are the most basic ones to perform if you've come down with this, shared by my Doctor. I know Casey had some other great notes she made too.
-Tylenol for fever (NOT Advil/Ibuprofen)
-Rest/sleep/don’t over-exert
-Really, really hydrate
-Hot liquid/tea consumption
-Steam shower/steam pot
-Sing Chet Baker songs (not CDC-approved, but helps)
Personally, I believe that meditation is a top tool in fighting this. It promotes a calm body/mind, and the ‘practice of being’ helps promote new thought and centeredness - dropping down a rock against the windstorm of information and fear out there right now. So, personally, I highly recommend it, always actually, but certainly in this moment.
I’m going to just leave the treatment segment here, because I actually think this is the most serious part, and where science should be A-#1 here - be CAUTIOUS when it comes to treatments. Question the sources, question ME, don’t eat fish tank cleaner, but, DO follow and study real scientists’ advice, please!! Science is very neat and will save this problem!!

Source Casey Akerley:  Hello my name is Casey I am positive for covid-19 and have recovered. Below I have some tips I found useful for fighting the corona virus at home by myself. I would like to be sure you know there is no current cure for covid but there are things that can support your body as it fights it off.

  • Take your meds on time even if you have to wake up to take it. Tylenol for fever and guaifenesin aka mucinex as directed on the box. (dont get the kind with a cough suppressant you want to cough that garbage out/ I like 12 hour sk I dont have to wake up every 4 hours to take it) Use a rescue inhaler or nebulizer if you have asthma as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Use a netti pot 1-2x a day to flush out mucus so it doesnt settle into your lungs. Warm water is best. (Not the kind you just squirt up your nose I feel that just makes it worse/ somepeople believe this flushes out the virus which is complete bullshit it simply flushes out mucus which is very helpful)
  • Gargle salt water 2x a day. You can add 1-2 drops of tea tree oil too.
  • Drink lots of water and tea. If you have a fever more than 2 days start drinking pedialyte until the fever fades. One of those big ones every day or 4 servings of the powdered kind.
  • Have a thermometer on hand to take your temperature daily. You can also get a pulse oximeter to check your oxygen levels ( I would only get one if I were high risk personally/ you want your oxygen levels about 95 and preferable at 98-100%I would call my doctor if it was below 95 )
  • Do some light exercises and stretches daily when you have the energy too. Foam rollers feel great.
  • If you have healthy housemates wear a mask and avoid being in the same room with them if possible. If you share a bed sleep in a different room if you have another bed. If you must share a bed put your comforter out in the sun during the day because the sun can help kill the virus that might linger in the fabric ( so I've heard but either way it doesnt hurt)
  • Disinfect surfaces and areas you hangout in a couple times a day. Also door knobs, fridge handles, remote control, your phone, light switches and anything you might have touched throughout the day.
  • If you get a sinus infection or other secondary bacterial infection knock that out quick with an antibiotic from your doctor.
  • Establish care from a doctor if you haven't already. Many offices offer virtual visits now.
  • Do not leave your house at all not even to get anything. Order online or ask friend, neighbor or family member to get things for you so you do not infect the outside world.
  • If you feel you need to go to the ER call first. Do not just show up anywhere without letting them know you are coming in with possible covid. This allows them to prepare for your arrival and lower their chances of getting sick too.
  • Do breathing exercises daily to strengthen lungs. Check youtube for a variety of exercises. I like singing too not sure if it strengthens the lungs but it seems like it would and it lifts my spirits . I learned it's the end of the world by rem and that was great breath training haha
  • If you feel your lungs are filling up with mucus try the maneuver below.
  • If you have mullein, mint, or eucalyptus or other lung health herbs or pure essential oils you can add it to hot water in a bowl and put a towel over your head and inhale the steam for 5-10 mins to help open your lungs. Eucalyptus is a bronchodilator. (added bonus if you apply face lotion right after it will make your skin feel great)
  • Drink more water add lemon or citrus for some extra vit c.
  • Take Vitamin c, d and zinc to support your body.
  • Herbs I'm taking based on my own research ( I am not a professional but have done a lot of personal research as should you)include: mullein tincture and astragalus supplement. Teas blends I drink for their health benefits include: mint, mullein, echinacea, holy basil, nettle / licorice, marshmallow root, cinnamon,clove and orange peel.
  • Cut out dairy to limit mucus and eat healthy
  • Meditate daily to reduce stress and to prevent panic attacks if you are prone to those.
  • Take a break from social media and news it will make you worry and go crazy.
  • Stay informed by the cdc and world health organization. I personally like PBS newshour as it's neutral. Also last week tonight for some comedic relief with your news.
  • Wash your hands and apply lotion and/or oils so they don't dry out. (a little olive oil mixed with lotion feels amazing)


Drew was also on the news on Channel 8 with our pal Mario Escovedo

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