Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Crystal Fighters Tonight @ Porters Pub

Tonight, Wednesday June 6 at Porter's Pub performing are one of my favorite new bands from the UK Crystal Fighters.  Crystal Fighters released Star of Love in the US on April 24th after receiving great reviews across the seas by publications such as BBC Radio1, NME, and The Guardian.  The album is based off an unfinished opera discovered within the diary of original singer Laure's grandfather in his Basque country home, also where the album was conceived and recording  Their innovative style is a melding of techno, punk, electronic and dubstep with Basque country folklore and native Spanish instruments.  Show is at 8:00pm 15 dollars at the door or you can save a dollar and buy your tickets here.

Listen to their new single before and make sure to come to the show tonight  Crystal Fighters - Earth Island

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