Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rosey's Diary: Being personal, Telemagica, Mom, and freedom from Trolls.

Last night I dreamt that I was fired from my job. I was so soundly asleep, actually, that it took me a couple hours once I was awake to come back to reality to fully realize that the job from which I was fired didn't even exist. I don't really know what the company was, but it wasn't anywhere I ever actually worked nor were the people anyone I've ever worked with, and now, hours later, I don't remember quite the details as I did when I was first waking, but it was funny because I remember being completely blindsided in my dream (as the whole office escorted me out of the building), but also completely liberated. I'm hoping it's a sign of endings, beginnings, and a wide open slate. Or maybe I was happy to sleep in after my crazy adventures yesterday.

After I wrote last week's diary post, I got a lot of really positive feedback, so thanks to all of you who reached out and commented, but there's a reason I don't get that personal on a regular basis. Do you know how weird it is to have strangers come up to me when I'm doing merch and talk about some private detail of my life? Or not hearing from my parents for a week because they already know everything I've been up to as they're now regular readers of my blog and social media feeds? And do you realize that everything is then so magnified when I actually spend time with my mom? "Did you have to use the F word? You're smarter than that. Use your words."

I was writing these diaries a lot in the early part of this year and then I stopped, but I'll rehash the past couple weeks if you're interested...after the jump.

So let's see...there was that Monday we went to The Observatory in Santa Ana to see The Head and the Heart, then that Wednesday we went to Pappy and Harriet's in Pioneertown for Blitzen Trapper. That Thursday I worked the door at Soda Bar (I help out now when they need someone) and on Friday I did merch for Unknown Hinson, who was just about the sweetest man ever as he kept calling me "Miss Rosey" as I handled merch and helping him manage the crowd for post-show photos and autographs.

That same week, I'd written about Telemagica: Galaxia and I never got around to posting photos, so let me break it down for you a bit. The event was in Jacumba, about 70 miles east on the 8 and Jeff and I decided to check it out. Apparently Jacumba is known for the clothing-optional DeAnza Springs Resort, but the only evidence of nudism at Telemagica was a clothing optional hot spring. I guess I'm used to structure and rules and having to smuggle booze or cameras or food and breaking rules. Telemagica was the exact opposite of everything you expect from a festival. Other than the check-in booth (that didn't have my name on the guestlist despite an email confirmation, but the volunteers wristbanded me anyway), you could park anywhere, go anywhere, bring anything, eat/drink/consume anything. We heard comparisons to the early days of Burning Man.

Once we parked ("wherever you can find room"), we wandered the lower part of the site to the metal pyramid, aka "the opera house", and the two music spaces ("the garage" and "the living room", and ran into Ryan from Wild Wild Wets. We decided to walk into town for beer then watched some ambient Japanese band called Suishou No Fune on a "stage" where a dozen people milled about or found random cement block seats. I wanted to get back to the Casbah that night, so I put the kibosh on any plans to stay later. After 7pm, the "shuttle" (the open bed of two 4x4 trucks) started running up the mountain to go to the "main stage". The ride was much further than the "short hike" described so we were happy to have the ride, but it dropped us off in the middle of what seemed nowhere. We wandered up a path toward parked cars and there was a generator and speakers and Shiva Trash was performing. They were scheduled for 3:30. It was 8:15. The sun was dropping and it was getting cold, so we started walking down the hill, eventually hitting another truck/shuttle to haul us down the mountain.

We stopped for dinner at Golden Acorn Casino on the way home and made it to the Casbah as Terraplane Sun hit the stage. Contemplating the event, I thought I'd make a note that this thing has the potential to be great (and then subsequently ruined if it grows too much) and would be a lot of fun if you planned on camping in the desert with a group of your own friends. I'm sure it is also amazing if you do drugs, but I don't so I can't really speak to that and certainly don't encourage them. What I liked was that this seemed to be scene-free. Not hipsters or hippies, just random people checking out the the thing and I heard that when the sun was completely down, things got pretty wild until the sun came back up. 

Ok, so catching up on last week...Monday I worked merch for Pinback, Tuesday I discovered Game Of Thrones On Demand, Wednesday was The Temper Trap and Crocodiles, Thursday I went to the screening of Ted which was HILARIOUS (see the NSFW preview here), Friday I worked merch for Rhett Miller, then Saturday was Musicpalooza at the fair and Japandroids at the Casbah. I've written/tweeted/foursquared/facebooked enough on all of those that I don't really need to say much about them here. That's kinda where I'll leave off, since Sunday was a chill day with family, Monday I just hung out in the hood with a friend, and I'm not quite ready to talk about the subject of my meeting-turned-pubcrawl from Tuesday. Unfortunately, today I was on the list for Humphrey's but couldn't find someone to drive, so I've been home all day, laptopping off and on, which I suppose is why I wanted to get this post up. I mean, between Rodney King's death and the Trolls brought out on that subject, you now have Karen Huff Klein and the video that has gone viral in which the elderly bus monitor is harassed (and videotaped) by the asshole kids (sorry, Mom) who ride her bus. A fund that was started by a random stranger to send her on vacation via IndieGoGo (with a goal of $5,000) is well over $100,000 less than 24 hours later. At the same time, you have David Lowery (Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven) in an exhausting conversation that started with his feelings about the current state of music, and if you pay attention to such things, it has also now spiraled out of control, too. So yeah, it's 12:49 a.m. and I'll get back to actual work, but I guess I want to say thanks for being cool. You don't have to read this crap but sometimes you do, and I'm sure there are people who don't like me or what/how I write, but somehow I've been pretty safe from trolls over the years and for that I would have to say I'm pretty damn lucky. 

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thanks for attending TeleMagica...sorry you missed the Night..when the stars assist, the coyotes sing, and the TeleMagicians come out in full force..