Monday, June 11, 2012

Photos: FM 94/9 SPF 2012 @ Oceanside Pier, 6.3.2012

Last week, we piled in the a friend's car and headed up to the Oceanside Pier for the Sandy Parts Festival. The show happened to be the same day as X-Fest, but FM 94/9 hooked me up and frankly, bribery works for me. The bands were all great: Santigold, The Naked and Famous, Imagine Dragons, Electric Guest and the FM 94/9 house band, The Federal Reserve of Consumption, and the Oceanside Pier is the most scenic outdoor concert spaces in the county. I posted these on Facebook last week, but thought I should probably post them here, too. FM 94/9 will be hosting their Independence Jam in September (I'm hearing just announced: September 16th) at the same location.

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Jacko said...

Hi Rosie, did you take these pictures with your point and shoot camera? They are really good!