Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Quicksand at House Of Blues 1.25.2013

I was not really planning on posting about Quicksand. For one, Nate already did a great post with all of his awesome shots of the bands. I also kinda just wanted to let the night go away from my memory forever. That day was awesome and I went into the show after a great day running around with Darren, but somehow I forgot to eat, so when I had a few drinks before even entering the show, I was already past my limit, add some more, and well, I'm lucky I have rad friends (Thank you Thad, Christy, Brian, and Robin) and an amazing boyfriend who look out for me when I am a complete trainwreck. It's pretty sad, too, because the show was incredible and I ran into so many old school friends and really didn't need a super-rosey appearance, but it is what it is. Fortunately, I was rebellious enough to shoot a couple videos which is why I decided to share. And now I will move on and close the door behind me. Enjoy.

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