Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Real Deal: Night Beds @ Casbah February 19, 2013

When I first listened to Winston Yellen's new project Night Beds, the first thing I thought was, this guy is only 23? I could not believe the maturity in his voice, let alone the heartfelt lyrics. Settling into his new adopted home of Nashville, the Colorado native sings about love, relationships, and the many subjects commonplace with music. What sets him apart from the rest in his intimate vocal delivery, and the results are, in a word, haunting. I find myself going back to these songs over and over, but never get tired of listening to them.

Night Beds (Winston) brings his band to the perfect spot for a show in San Diego, The Casbah. Mark the date: February 19. Even though this happens to fall on a Tuesday, I feel lucky to have our city included in his tour itinerary. Do yourself a favor and make every effort to see what promises to be a young man on the brink of becoming known on the national stage. Dead Oceans released the 10 track full length, Country Sleep, on Feb. 5. Tickets for the upcoming show can be purchased here.

Watch a video of Even If We Try below.

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