Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Akron/Family @ The Loft- 01.30.13


There aren't many bands that can combine folk, psychedelic and experimental rock in such a wonderfully weird way as 'rural America' born, New York City based three piece Akron/Family.  Valid comparisons include Maps & Atlases, early Animal Collective and Megafaun, though any of those bands would have a hard time looking like they enjoy themselves as much as the trio that took the stage on the UCSD campus last Wednesday.  Following a short and sweet set by local boys Cuckoo Chaos and a quick tear down/ set up by The Loft's own roadies in training, the band broke into what turned out to be almost an hour an a half of strictly new material in the form of their soon to be released seventh LP, Sub Verses. Considering how polished and seemingly well rehearsed the material came through during the set, it was surprising to find out after the show that they had played songs from the new album (in the same start-to-finish format) all of one time before that night.  Though there were some grumblings about the lack of familiar tunes and the occasional call for a specific song from the back catalogs, the frequent and entertaining crowd interaction from lead singer/multi-instrumentalist Miles Seaton and guitarist Seth Olinsky kept everyone at ease during breaks as the band deftly wove their way through what was an impressively captivating show.  As enjoyable of a first experience as it turned out to be, anticipation is high for their (hopefully soon) return to San Diego.



For additional shots from the evening click here and additional concert photography click here.
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