Tuesday, December 22, 2020

CoViD-19: QuaranTuesday | Virus Mutations Raises Red Flags | San Diego Case Rate: 36.3/100k | CA Names Padilla to Senate, Dr. Weber to Sec of State

Hotel Del Coronado Christmas (Taken 12.28.2019)

Another day at home. Our apartment management guy came by to let us know the neighbors will be moving in...the delay was because there were some mice that needed to be dealt with. I guess that's what happens when you leave an apartment unused for 6 months. Fortunately we had someone come a few years ago who closed up the 'mouse superhighway' so we haven't had a problem, though I know from my neighbors that this is a huge community problem.

I also talked to my sister and got the scoop on her father-in-law, but then we kinda got in a fight because she just got tested on Saturday, and even though they're negative, they should still be quarantining. Instead, they let him stay the night, and then today she's over at my parents' house after running errands, which for her usually means a dozen stores. It's like, how many risks are you going to take and bring into my parents' house? We'll still plan on the outdoor Christmas thing and leave if it gets weird or unsafe or uncomfortable. 

I was waiting all afternoon for the Dr. Ghaly briefing but never found one. Instead, we watched Biden's address, sat out in the sun for awhile, ate some of the no-bake cheesecake I made last night, and then I allowed myself a lovely afternoon nap while Darren watched the NBA and Nova made sugar cookies and frosting from my Betty Crocker cookbook which I've finally shared with her. We will definitely have to make some supply runs, but hoping that we can get through the weekend before it's necessary. Darren and I plan on a speakeasy night so I'm gonna wrap it up now. Beware the performative politics out there. What matters is deeds, not words. Keep an eye out tomorrow for new information on the strip club/restaurant case, news on 45 trying to performatively veto the relief bill, a briefing from the state to extend Stay-At-Home orders, and a briefing from the County. 

"Our darkest days are ahead of us, not behind us." - President-elect Biden (12.22.2020)

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