Sunday, December 27, 2020

CoViD-19: Stay Home Sunday | California Reports 50,141 Cases, 1/3 Of New US Cases | HR 133 Signed Including COVID-19 Relief |


My parents have a strange collection of musical stuffed animals (Taken 12.25.2020)

It has been another cozy day at home. I'm in my Christmas pajamas and Santa snuggie and a pair of fuzzy socks. We've been enjoying the tamales we picked up from MexMart, and have been working through Christmas leftovers all weekend in our lounginess. I've even started enjoying football again, which is unexpected. Have you ever noticed how the enthusiasm level of the announcers for the Chiefs and Seahawks games is super elevated and they sound like they're being punished when they have to do Chargers games? It's kinda funny when you catch it. 

I'm posting a little earlier than usual because there was recent *breaking news* that the covidiot-in-chief signed HR133 which is the massive bill that keeps the government running through September, is a general spending bill, and the inclusion of the $900b stimulus/pandemic relief program. So it appears there was no reason for the delay except abject cruelty and political stunting. I'm watching the stupid dumbasses on KUSI and it is unbelievable they can even call themselves news. Their misrepresentation of information and facts makes me irate.  

Speaking of information, numbers are a little funny right now...some testing sites were down for the holidays so the San Diego positivity rate is really high, some Government departments were closed, and judging by current county job postings, San Diego is short of needed medical examiners and is even looking for a Public Health Medical Officer. There was below average national testing, resulting in California representing 1 in 3 cases nationally. The fact that three friends lost their dads in the past week makes me think that numbers will be really grim as the data catches up. Be safe out there, and don't forget that you're supposed to quarantine travelled during the holiday. 

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