Saturday, December 26, 2020

California Christmas Diary & Photos: Sun, Family Fun, and Seventy Degree Perfection | Our Sunshine Tax Pays Off

My cousin made custom "Maybe Next Year" sweatshirts for all the squad (12.25.2020)

I already gave my explanation about why I'd be spending Christmas with my family in spite of warnings, so I'm not going to justify or make excuses again. It was a perfect San Diego day, so we stayed longer than planned as we could more freely hang apart outside. I'm pretty sure there were pre-discussions about me being really anal or the 'mask nazi' in the family because anytime I came within 10 feet of anyone, if their mask had dropped beneath their nose or it was off so they could eat or drink, they'd get these big eyes at me like they were in trouble. And that's okay. If I'm mean or stern because I'm looking out for all of our health, I'll take those labels. Because it was as perfect a day as we could ask with the current circumstances. Photos and more after the jump. 

I will say that I was a little hungover from a night in the speakeasy, which makes mask-wearing more uncomfortable, and like and idiot I wore a sweater for the occasion and had to step outside alone every so often just to breathe and cool down, but it's a small price to pay to be together. 

For the first hour or so, we hung in the backyard with my sister, nieces, and their new puppy, Roxy. Eventually my household moved to the patio while everyone else was inside the house to do gift distribution and opening. Apparently my dad was more trigger happy than usual with QVC and HSN, so we scored some cool kitchen gadgets and knives, my mom renewed my San Diego Zoo membership, and my sister bought me a bottle of margs. While all of that was happening, my cousin arrived with her dog, Jack, and there was puppy chaos for awhile which was pretty entertaining. 

Beautiful Godsister Claudia

Daddy making his mimosa more ADA friendly

Claude opening gifts

Nadia always blurry because she hates being photographed

Mom & Dad gift exchanging

Darren opening the family presents

I think my parents give Nova candy just to spite me

Sister in her Grinch getup

Eventually everyone dispersed among the house and we got to have some chats with my dad to try and quell his worry, knowing our UI is gonna run out on Saturday. He always wants to talk extensively about ride-sharing with Darren and what's gonna happen with Prop 22 passing, but Darren won't be going back, so 2021 will be a whole new landscape for us. But we got through this year, we'll get through the next. 

We took it back outside spending some one on one with my mom then we started to get hungry, so we did a quick photo session, packed up some food, and wrapped it up and come home to eat. And nap. We brought home our share of holiday food and even stopped at MexMart to pick up some tamales on the way home. 

The rest of our Christmas has been eating, vegging on the couch, napping, art projects by Nova and her new acrylic paints, and now Darren's playing guitar in the studio while I opened a bottle of wine and am watching Colbert's interview with President Obama. It feels like, for the moment, things are gonna be okay. And we'll be staying home, once again. 

Darren Kindly Stepping In To Set Our Photo Mark

Mom doesn't understand how candids work

The Junior Squad

No, Jo, and Ro

Cousin Connie and her good boy Jack

Grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa

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