Monday, December 14, 2020

CoViD-19: Vaccine Distribution Begins | Biden Presidency Confirmed By Electors | Covered California Deadline Extended | Pandemic Year 1: What Do We Know?


The crew at Sea World Holiday Preview (Taken 12.13.2019)

The unromantic side of pet ownership is that sometimes they get sick. I don't know what's going on with Fi but I ended up staying up all night so she could go outside every hour on the hour last night. That means that I stayed up all night until Darren and Nova were awake to take over. That gave me a lot of time for doomscrolling and perusing Nextdoor to see if anyone was talking about the eternal mentally disturbed screaming that happens in our alley almost nightly. Nobody was talking about that, but I did find a free couch that we got excited about, made contact with the giver who told me we could come by for it tonight, and when I reached out again at the time she said, she had given it away to someone else. Ugh.

I did finally get some sleep though, then had a little bit of a panic because I realized I still need to investigate my Covered California options. Fortunately they've extended the application deadline for January 1 coverage to December 30, and general open enrollment ends January 31. So I may actually delay and hope there's some sort of federal extension of CARES by then. 

There is something awesome about day-sleeping though. When you wake up, all the news has happened. The electoral college confirmed Biden's win, people gave their thoughts and prayers for the anniversary of Sandy Hook, vaccination distribution and inoculation began across the US, and according to the Johns Hopkins University dashboard at 8:28pm, the US is at currently at 300,477 deaths. (The COVID Tracking project is always a little behind the JHU dashboard.) Just another day in this eternal staycation. 

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