Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coup d'Etat Weekend Announced!!!

94/9 has announced another Coup d'Etat weekend for their insiders. Anyone who sits around and says "Oh the radio sucks they don't play the kind of music that expresses my emotional intellect" now is your chance to submit your playlist to play across the San Diego air waves; so we all can see how "dark" you really are.

If your a true FM 94/9 listener you might have a playlst already fishing around your head of songs your dying to hear on Brunch w/ Bob, Big Sonic Chill, Swami, or New Wave Nation. You can submit your playlist for these shows if it follows the general programing.

Press Release Below

Once again, we're looking for FM 94/9 Insiders who can lead a radio Coup d'Etat. We need your music to takeover FM 94/9 for the weekend of June 26th - 28th. Submit the 10 songs that you'd play if you ran FM 94/9 for an hour. We'll review and select people who we feel are able Coup leaders. Good luck. The people of San Diege are counting on you.
Please list your selections as follows:
Artist - Song Title

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