Thursday, May 07, 2009

Rudo y Cursi Opens Friday In U.S. Theatres

Rudo y Cursi is being released in NY & LA today and in the San Diego and as a normal woman who finds Gael Garcia Bernal completely irresistable, I thought I should post his video from the movie.

Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna were on Jimmy Fallon and it was a pretty funny interview. Keep an eye for it to be posted on

“Rudo y Cursi” Director And Soundtrack Executive Producer Carlos Cuaron On The Soundtrack's Inspiration:

“While stuck in Mexico City’s morning traffic, I was listening to a CD, which was also stuck inside my car. Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me" drumbeat started up (the Budokan version) and lead singer Robin Zander drove me to sing along with him. I did it, feeling ridiculous, and to make things worse, I even sang the lyrics in Spanish. That is how I discovered Tato "El Cursi" Verdusco's single for the film.
If Tato can sing Cheap Trick's song in his own way, why not invite other musicians from different genres to re-make the songs that appear throughout the film, mostly norteñas, cumbias, and rancheras? I'm pretty sure that more than one musician came out of the "genre closet" during the preparation of all this madness.
In the early editing stages of the film, I noticed that every time the character Batuta was in his car, he needed to be listening to music. What type of music can he listen to in his red '81 Corvette, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, a chain, a dangling earring and even sometimes a Panamian hat? The answer was immediate: Muzak or Ray Conniff. Barry Manilow would not have been the right choice. The great Bon wrote such beautiful music that could lead even the most demanding genre worshipers to nirvana.”

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