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Rosey's Diary: April 14-16, 2009

Remember the good old days when I used to write everyday? The mountains of photos I have are just getting ridiculous at this point, but it's time for another diary entry. I left off my last post on April 11, then spent a couple days chilling out (and probably catching up with February & March), but Transfer was returning from tour and it was time to get out again. That ended up being a huge week with 9 shows in 6 days. In this diary: Transfer, Apes of Wrath, Roxy Jones, Local Natives, Hockey, Lanterns, Jamuel Saxon, Swim Party, The Notice, The Midwinters. I'll save Coachella for the next post. Click keep on reading for my diary.

April 14, 2009

As I said, Transfer was returning from some gigs that they did with Holy Rolling Empire (that had kicked off at the Casbah). While that show was huge, this show felt far more intimate, as Matt kept noting throughout the show, acknowledging this show felt like family. And it did. Which is really why I didn't take any pics. It was crowded up front from the get go. Apes of Wrath kicked off the show and I can really never get enough of those guys. If you haven't been to the Soda Bar yet, get there soon. The shows are great and it is really one of the only places where I don't feel bad sitting the whole time, whether along the bar or in a booth. On this night, we got the booth nearest the door and had a rotating cast of characters coming and going throughout the night.



Roxy Jones played the middle slot and from where we sat, we could see Peter and the band playing on the TV monitor and through the wall. Once the sound was properly equalized, I enjoyed listening as it had been a while.

I always love seeing bands right after a tour and Transfer is no exception. They're happy to be home among friends and family and playing to a crowd where everyone knows every song. I live for shows like this with good friends, good music, and have I mentioned the amazing beer selection at Soda Bar?

I had to take it easy, however, because I worked at my family's daycare all day Wednesday. Me and six kids. All day. Luckily when they nap, I can close my eyes for about 10 minutes but when the day was over, I was outta there.

April 15, 2009
The reason I was covering the daycare was so my mom, sister, and niece could go to Disneyland for the day for my sister's birthday. I hear they had a great time. My niece is at the age where she can appreciate stuff, and with my sister expecting another girl in the fall, it might be some time before they can head back.

After daycare, I stopped home to let my dog out and zipped up to The Loft at UCSD. I know the campus is tricky and a bit out of the way, but I really enjoy shows there. I hear they've sold out a few shows, but the ones I've attended had plenty of space. UCSD students need to wake up and realize they can catch bands on the rise.

A friend of mine told me about Local Natives, and I'd read several blogs that deem them the next breakout band from Silverlake and it was definitely clear why. You can check out their Daytrotter session here. They're layered harmonies are exceptional and I'm always a big fan of lead vocalists playing random percussion...tamborine, a drum, and I never realized I was such a fan of drums being played on the rim instead of the skin.

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

I cannot wait for them to come back to town and play a grown-up venue because they bring a party. (They're pretty funny on twitter, too @localnatives)

Hockey played the same night and was a totally different style...more of the dance pop that all the kids are into these days. They definitely bring it live and all the college girls were dancing (and cooing, I believe). If I have any complaints about The Loft, I'd say (1) they should promote and encourage more people from off campus to come to shows because it feels a little cold to non-students and (2) to make sure the students running the booth are making use of the killer lights they have. Nothing bums me out more than state of the art lighting that just stays the same for an entire show. The band doesn't stay still for very long either, but I can't really complain about that aspect.

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After the show at The Loft, I headed over to Ruby Room to catch Lanterns and Jamuel Saxon. It has been a while since I've seen Lanterns and it's too bad because they're a super fun band. Jamuel Saxon is equal parts awesome, rad, and hilarious. For their set they had an old TV/VCR combo set-up onstage that was playing a really bad 70's workout video that I believe was a workout for older chairbound people. The music and video actually synched at times and the crowd was loving it. Ruby Room = pure blackness, so didn't bother with pics.

April 16, 2009:

Thursday night rolled around and Swim Party was performing at the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art. I believe the event was to court donors, but it made me kinda sad to see the expense of this show, with two complimentary drinks per person as well as amazing food stations, while knowing that TNT is gone for a while. You have to spend money to make money they say, but it kinda bummed me out. I can't remember the last time I'd ever been to the museum and was blown away by the size. It would seem like the space could be used for more events, even non-art events, to compensate for overhead costs. But what do I know, really? I'm not gonna lie, I love me some free food and beverages, in this case beer from Stone and an amazing spread including a mac n cheese bar. This was a first for me, but it's a lot like a mashed potato bar, with a scoop put in a martini glass and an assortment of cheeses, bacon bits, croutons, mushrooms, artichokes and other rad stuff to add. I was glad to have not eaten before the event and dug in. There were also some pulled pork sliders, a food station I skipped entirely, and a churro bar for dessert. In a word, it was awesome.
Oh, and Swim Party was good, too. The event was not very crowded (intentionally, I think) and a lot of our friends were there, which made me wonder who the big donors were, cuz lord knows I know no rich folks (unless you're secretly rich, in which case there's a donate button on this site).

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Everyone split after the museum, I think they headed to Bar Pink, but I chose the Ken Club because I wanted to see The Midwinters. Fortunately I arrived in time to also catch The Notice who vocally reminded me a lot of Edwin McCain. This is a band for people like me who love KPRI and still declare that Counting Crows are my all time favorite band, and fuck indie cred. Probably not the best band for the Ken Club and not helped by the fact that Ken Club doesn't usually have Thursday shows but I was happy to be there.

They were well matched with The Midwinters who remind me of Toad The Wet Sprocket, specifically Dulcinea, which I probably listened to about 1000 times in the summer of 1994. It was roadtrip music for my friends and I on our epic trip to Berkeley via Highway 1 and when I hear The Midwinters I get taken back to a time in my life when everything feels ahead of you. Yes, all that from a band that plays once every couple months, has no delusions of grandeur, but who describe their project as their poker night. "Some husbands get together for poker night. We get together and play in a band." "Do your wives ever come?" (laughter) "No way. They're over us." I'm not and look forward to seeing them again.

The next day I was off to Coachella which deserves it's own post. Next diary.

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