Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pay Attention San Diego: Upcoming Shows

I realize that I am lucky to work a life I love. Being on the inside of information at the Casbah still gives me a little tug of "is this reality?"  Sometimes this also means that you benefit when I get to give you little sneak peeks at our music goodness. The Casbah has some really great shows in December, and we're actually doing presales for a couple of them. Later today we'll be announcing two New Years Eve shows for you, but for now, we have a couple presales you might wanna get a jump on...

Click below to get tickets for some Big Deal shows coming to the Casbah:

December 23: X, My Jerusalem $35-  Presale Thursday 10am-Friday 10am

December 27: Louis XIV, The Howls, Boy King  $15- Presale Thursday 10am-Friday 10am 

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