Thursday, November 29, 2012

Please Donate, Only a Couple of Days Left

Donate Here

I am not going to lie I cannot wait until I get to shave this thing off of my face, I will have it for a couple of more days.  I will not lie, I did receive more complements then I thought I would however my moustache will become a Wyclef Jean song if I reach my goal.  When I decided to do Movember I thought that maybe I could raise 100 dollars for prostate and testicular cancer research.  With only two days left I am almost to that goal.  Right now I have raised 95 dollars and if I could raise over 100 I will be thrilled and will do it again next year.  So please donate, if 5 readers donate one dollar each I will make the hundred dollar mark.  I want to take this time again to thank the following for donating:

Douglas Kinner
Sheila Sondergard 
Anonymous for donating without giving your identity I want to give you an extra special thank you

And thank you who contribute in the next couple of days and again you can DONATE HERE

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