Thursday, November 01, 2012

Contest: Win Tickets To See Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

PhotobucketBack in the spring, I had the pleasure of meeting Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips. He was in town for Sunset Sessions and after delivering a really interesting keynote, he hung around and chatted with anyone who wanted to talk to him. I didn't really have anything profound to ask him or to say to him, but I asked about Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots and he lit up. Even though there was a whole lot that still needed to be worked out, you could tell he was really excited by the endeavor.

Fast forward to November, and Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots is finally ready for the public.

Yoshimi must choose between two boyfriends, but first she’s got to take down an army of pink robots. This magical tale of love and the struggle for survival is a poignant and humanistic story set to the music of The Flaming Lips.

Featuring a 14-foot robot puppet, dancers in “glowing” LED costumes and stunning projections — - this is another world premiere musical from Playhouse Director Emeritus and Tony Award winner Des McAnuff (The Who's Tommy, Jersey Boys, Jesus Christ Superstar) that you just cannot miss!

PhotobucketThe musical is the collaboration of Wayne Coyne and Des McAnuff and is a must-see for any fans of the Lips, fans of musicals, and anyone interested in the arts but might be put off by the snooty perception of the theatre world.

La Jolla Playhouse has generously given FOUR pairs of tickets to opening week shows. To enter, leave a comment on this post with a Flaming Lips memory and the day you would like to attend (Tuesday 11/6, Wednesday 11/7, or Thursday 11/8). Make sure your comment links to a valid email. I will select four winners over the weekend and you will be notified no later than Monday morning.

If you would like to purchase tickets, you can do so here. The La Jolla Playhouse has a 20 under 30 program, offering $20 tickets for people under 30 years old (ID required), and they also ran a text promo for $30 discount tickets, just text "YOSHIMI" to 56654.

(update: I have to moderate all comments, so you only have to submit once. I know the captcha can be annoying, but I promise I see them all, and post them sporadically over the weekend, so your comment won't necessarily appear right away.)


David Miller said...

I have so many Flaming Lips memories, and meeting Wayne at Sunset Sessions was amazing. The one Lips memory that really sticks out is when At War With The Mystics came out. The Lips did a free show in L.A. and Wayne said they would stay and sign autographs for anyone who wanted, and they did. Nearly 2000 people. I was near the end of the line and he took a picture and signed my vinyl. By this time it was nearly 3 am and he had been signing for almost 5 hours. The venue had kicked us out so they could close and they were using a table on the sidewalk. I just kept thinking that not many bands are that good to their fans. Wayne seems like a genuinely nice guy. I would like to win tickets to the play, any night works for me, but Tuesday would be cool.

Keegan Osinski said...

I saw the Flaming Lips at Sasquatch! in 2011, and, well, it was awesome.
I would love to go to the Wednesday 11/7 show!

Jessica said...

OK, so I don't have any direct Flaming Lips memories (I have never stopped regretting skipping the show they did with Beck when I was in college), but my brother has recorded with his band Deerpeople (I think; it might have been his other band) at Wayne's studio.

Vince said...

I got the Yoshimi CD when I signed up for one of those "Get 10 CDs for $10!" mail order programs that then require you to buy 5 more at an inflated price after that. The CD was awesome but that "deal" was a ripoff!


scurf said...

I would love to go to either the Wed or Thurs show! My favorite memory of them is, no surprise, the first time I saw them - at Coachella 2004. I think they may have debuted the "hamster ball" at that show. Mind = blown.

Matthew said...

I don't have any Flaming Lips memories but I really want to see this musical. I watched the video on the costume designs and the lighting looks amazing. I'm available any of the days if chosen.

Iron Lion said...

I came across Yoshimi battles the pink robots when I moved back to California after living in Mexico for two years. I think I listened to almost non-stop for the whole summer, it was kind of a way to stay grounded relaxed with life moving so much faster. Ever since then I always check out their new stuff. Never seen them live though but this play sounds pretty great. Thursday works well for me. Thanks!

Unknown said...

My fist real concert was The Flaming Lips with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Coors Amphitheatre. My Dad had won tickets on the radio and decided it was time to inaugurate me into the life of awesome live music. From the moment I saw Wayne roll over the crowd in his hamster ball singing about a japanese girl fighting pink robots, I knew I would no longer be content to just listen to a band on a cd; that there was so much more to a music experience actually being there witnessing a set that would never be played in the exact same way and the awesome vibes a crowd that's truly into the music can give off. From there I'd go on to see the likes of The Mars Volta, Incubus, even Paul McCartney (Coachella!), but it all started with my awesome Dad taking me to the freakfest that was The Flaming Lips, and it's something I'll never forget!

Unknown said...

When I saw "the soft bulletin" tour at 4th and B they had no drummer, as Steven had taken over guitar duties for that album. I thought there was no way I would enjoy myself, I'm a drummer, I like drums but there was so much confetti, balloons, smoke, nun puppets, fake blood and great music, that I never even thought about drums.

Brett O said...

The Flaming Lips taught me to be assertive. When they opened for Beck at the Copley Center, My girlfriend and I weren't allowed in because she had a backpack instead of a purse. We came directly from City College on bikes and didn't have a car to stash it in.

I'm pretty mild mannered, but when I heard the Flaming Lips start playing and knew that I was missing it, I became very adamant about talking to someone in charge. We missed 2 songs, but nothing calmed me down quicker than the awesome feeling only a Flaming Lips live show can give you.


Rosemary Bystrak said...

Congrats to David, Josh, Brett 0, and Scurf. I cannot access your email addresses, so please contact me at rosemary to confirm your attendance dates.