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San Diego Music Awards 2019: Winners

I had the pleasure of attending the 2019 San Diego Music Awards on Monday night. I also had the pleasure of live-tweeting the whole thing for SoundDiego, which in retrospect, maybe I should've done as a thread? At any rate, I didn't have a chance to post much of anything yesterday, but I promised I'd share this year's winners.

You can also find the list at the official site, but I decided to post them in the order they were announced instead. When you look at it from this perspective, it makes it interesting, because while many of the performers found themselves winning the award announced immediately after their performances, it wasn't the case with everyone. So, for example, Veronica May and Casey Hensley both performed and won their categories, but the rest of the performers did not--but they're still winners in our book!!

I didn't get to schmooze nearly as much as I would've liked as I was confined to my Chromebook the whole night, but the performances were pretty great, starting with Ariel Levine and closing with Planet B, and Veronica May, Shane Hall, Casey Hensley, Vokab Company, and the Redwoods Revue all getting stage time. Of course, the event sold out with the promise of a Jason Mraz performance, which was actually some Java Joe All-Stars who wrote a special tribute to Jave Joe Flammini, with lots of allusions to smoking weed in the parking lot behind Java Joe's and the years the venue was a staple in its various locations. It was definitely a fun night and the after party at the Casbah was raging, too, but this old lady was tuckered and had to call it an early night. Full winners below and list of original nominees are after the jump.

Winners (in order of presentation)

Best Indie/Alternative – Aviator Stash
Best New Artist – The Havnauts
Best Local Recording - The Havnauts- Go For It! 
Best Country or Americana – Blind Mountain Holler
Best Pop Album - Veronica May-Teaser
Best World Music Album – The Amalgamated– Premium Quality 
Best Jazz – Euphoria Brass Band
Best Blues Album - Whitney Shay- A Woman Rules The World
Best Singer/Songwriter – Evan Diamond
Best Rock Album – Electric Mud– Highway Refugees 
Best Country or Americana Album - Berkley Hart- While the Night is Still Young
Best World Music – B-Side Players
Best Blues – Casey Hensley
Best Jazz Album - Mattson 2- A Love Supreme

 Lifetime Achievement Award – “Java” Joe Flammini

Best Rock - Schizophonics
Best Indie/Alternative Album - The Frights- hypochondriac
Best Hip Hop/Rap – Parker Meridien
Best Live Performer - Schizophonics
Best Pop – Mittens
Best Hip Hop or Rap Album - Parker Meridien– Twenty First Street Sessions
Song of the Year - Hot Snakes– Six Wave Hold Down
Artist of the Year – Whitney Shay
Album of the Year –Hot Snakes– Jericho Sirens 

Best Singer / Songwriter

*Evan Diamond
Jessica Lerner
Missy Alcazar
Jimmy Ruelas
Nina Francis
Sarah Rogo
Shane Hall

Best Jazz 
Ed Kornhauser
Erika Davies
*Euphoria Brass Band
Sue Palmer & Her Motel Swing Orchestra
Gilbert Castellanos
Joshua White
Nathan Hubbard

Best Jazz Album 
Christopher Hollyday - Telepathy
Danny Green Trio Plus Strings- One Day It Will
Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine - Tasty Tunes
Joe Garrison - The Broken Jar
*Mattson 2 - A Love Supreme
Montalban Quintet - Under the River
Peter Sprague String Trio - Samba Andaluza

Best Blues 
Bill Magee Blues Band
*Casey Hensley
Box Car Chief
Low Volts
Mercedes Moore
Robin Henkel
Stephanie Brown & The Surrealistics

Best Blues Album 
Black Market III - Dashboard Jesus
Blue Largo - Before The Devil Steals Your Soul
Low Volts - Roam With You
S. Mathias - Boxcar Road
Sue Palmer - Gems Vol. 1
The Wayne Riker Trio - Blues Breakout
*Whitney Shay - A Woman Rules The World

Best Country or Americana 
*Blind Mountain Holler
Enter The Blue Sky
Nathan Raney
Sara Petite
Stephen El Rey
Trouble in the Wind

Best Country or Americana Album 
Barbwire - Long Hard Ride
*Berkley Hart - While the Night is Still Young
Jonny Wagon and the Tennessee Sons - Feels Good To Be Alive
Nitro Express - Country Style
Shakedown String Band - In the Key of OB
The Color Forty Nine - s/t
Trouble In The Wind - Hammer On

Best Hip Hop/Rap 
Direkt Message
DJ PNutz
DND & Rick B
*Parker Meridian
The Microphone Doctors
Vokab Company

Best Hip Hop/Rap Album 
Def Shon - Preppin' My Time Machine
DreCat - Made in Daygo
ill Nicky - Alto
*Parker Meridien - Twentyfirst Street Sessions
Riston Diggs - Supreme Confidence
Rob $tone - Young Rob $tone
Tulengua - Baja Funk

Best Indie/Alternative  
Ariel Levine
*Aviator Stash
Coral Bells
Dead Feather Moon
Imagery Machine
The Bassics
Wild Wild Wets

Best Indie/Alternative Album  
Nights Like Thieves - Sophomore Slump
*The Frights - hypochondriac
The Gift Machine - New Tangles
The Gloomies - Romance
The Silent Comedy - Enemies Multiply
The Verigolds - Sea of Zebras
Warsaw - Wires

Best Pop
Birdy Bardot
Creature Canyon
Dani Bell & the Tarantist
*The Mittens
Tori Roze & The Hot Mess
Well Well Well

Best Pop Album
Becca Jay - Queen of Hearts EP
Corina Rose - Our Love is Freedom
Daytrip - s/t
Lee Coulter - Earthlee
Pocket Hole - Marine Layer EP
Tory Roze & the Hot Mess - Baggage Claim
*Veronica May - Teaser

Best Rock
Great Electric Quest
The Routine
Taken by Canadians
The Oxen
The Slashes
The Strawberry Moons

Best Rock Album
Bad Kids - Pensive
Creature Canyon - Did You Want That
*Electric Mud - Highway Refugees
Stone Horse - Gotta Get Back
The Donkeys - Sun Damaged Youth
The Farmers - Farmers SD
The Frets - Blur EP

Best World Music
*B-Side Players
Bi-National Mambo Orchestra
Tribal Seeds
Split Finger
Tribal Theory

Best World Music Album
Boostive - Fried Neck Bones
Crucial Blend - Enough Already
Fluid Foundation - Sloo Ryde
Marujah - Bad Hombres Live at Brandos Paradise
Yale Strom's Broken Consort - Shimmering Lights, Hanukkah Music
The Camarada Tango Quintet - Tango San Diego
*The Amalgamated - Premium Quality

Best Local Recording
Forest Grove - s/t
MC Flow - Her Highness
Spice Pistols - Life's A Drag
Finnegan Blue - s/t
Dirty Pennies - s/t
*The Havnauts - Go For It!
The Tighten Ups - Tighten It Up

Best Live Performer
Sully & the Souljahs
The Creepy Creeps
The Redwoods Collective
Sure Fire Soul Ensemble
The Sleepwalkers
Whitney Shay

Best New Artist
Babydoll Warriors
Julia Sage & The Bad Hombres
Miss New Buddah
Pocket Hole
The Color Forty Nine
*The Havnauts

Artist of the Year
Hot Snakes
Jason Mraz
Redwoods Revue
Slightly Stoopid
The Frights
*Whitney Shay

Song of the Year
Earthless – Gifted By The Wind
*Hot Snakes – Six Wave Hold Down
Jason Mraz - Have It All
P.O.D. -  Listening for the Silence
Slightly Stoopid  - Too Late (Stick Figure Remix)
The Frights - Over It
The Petty Saints – Troublemaker

Album of the Year
Earthless - Black Heaven
*Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens
Jason Mraz - Know
Peter Sprague & Randy Phillips - Sparks and Seeds
P.O.D. - Circles
Planet B - s/t
Slightly Stoopid - Everyday Life Everyday People 

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