Monday, March 25, 2019

La Jolla Seals Pupping Season In Full Swing

It's really easy for me to fall into habits of being a homebody, so I've been trying extra hard to give myself little field trips during the week or find fun things to do when I take Nova to soccer. Each year, I try to visit the La Jolla Seals at least a few times during pupping season, so I decided to hit the beach last week. The Seal Conservancy has counted over 50 new pups born this season, and their recent newsletter was a reminder that two permits are going to come up before the California Coastal Commission this year, one is to save the winter beach closure during pupping season (permit #6-14-0691 A1) and the other is to keep the viewing guideline rope up (permit #6-15-0223 A20) for the 7 non-pupping season months. Sadly, I also saw a deceased pup on the beach, which is a reminder that they're so fragile and why it is so important that we give these beautiful mammals the space and protection they need. A handful of pics are after the jump.

Sign the petition to continue permitting the beach closure for pupping season here.

Sign the petition to keep the viewing guideline rope up year-round.

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